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Fancied Paperwork



Today is Monday.  July 1st, 2013.  The first of the month and a Monday can only mean one thing…

It’s Paperwork Day.  Phone calls. Bills. Filing…

And it ALWAYS takes more time than I expect…





I would rather be in my garden…




Over the years, I have developed a few rituals to make Paperwork Day more pleasant.




I have pretty notebooks and folders for organizing my paperwork.  I try to keep fun stamps on hand —and I always brew my favorite coffee or tea as I gather the paperwork that has collected all week.





Once all the paperwork is collected, the mail is opened and the sale flyers are tossed away, I pull out my favorite fountain pens (read more HERE) and get to work…

What rituals do YOU have for Paperwork Day?



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My home garden

Its been three weeks since I set up this small home garden in our patio. We did a little bit of home garden shopping during our road trip to Ohio. I bought four varieties of coleus, black dragon, wizard mosaic, festive dance and jazz mix. I have the red-flowered Begonia too.





The snow flake shaped leaves of the dusty miller is my favorite! But most of all, I love the sun flower. It has not disappointed me since day one, displaying its bright and radiant petals facing the sun each day! I hope to have a wonderful time in my home garden this summer :)







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Bedroom Window #1


Afternoon Shadows

Birds Songs Hanging On The Breeze

Summer Symphony

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A walk on the wild side

img_4923 img_4926 img_4927 img_4928 img_4930 img_4931 img_4922 images

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